wardrobe malfunction

2008 - steel and copper wire, found objects

The photo on the left was taken by Lynn Bohannon in her studio. I took the one on the right, in my own studio at the Tip Top. Lynn obviously has better lighting and knows a lot more what she's doing with a camera, but what's interesting to me is that she always photographed my sculptures at eye level. That's not how people usually experience them. I hang them so that you have to look up slightly, and I wanted to put these two photographs next to each other to show the difference.

This was the first sculpture I made using someone other than Serena as a model. With the help of a friend, I used my own body to make a duct tape dressmaker's dummy, and then covered it with plaster. At the time, I was in the middle of losing 50-ish pounds.

The light is an emergency exit light that got knocked off the Copeland Block (a commercial building I owned at the time) when some local kids were kicking a soccer ball around the parking lot.

I had a lot of shorter lengths of leftover wire on my workbench and I wanted to use them up, so this sculpture doesn't have the usual heavy vertical lines. The skirt is made from crocheted strips of plastic shopping bags.

Below are a few more details: