The larissa museum is me (Larissa) rebuilding from the ashes of deleting my entire website. I did it because WordPress, who I'd been paying to host the site, was getting ready to sell what they called "users' data" (excuse me, that's my work!) for the purpose of training AIs.

I'd made some amount of peace with the idea that AIs were out there looking at my work. I mean: it was public, anyone could look at it. But the idea that an entity I'd been paying to host all those words and pictures would think it was okay to sell my work as if they owned it...well, it is difficult for me to say anything about that without saying a lot of bad words.

I thought about not having a website for a while, but at the end of the day I like to have something I can point to when people ask me what I do.

My intent is to comb through 20 years of photos of my sculptures (and random other works) and see what there is to say about them now. I'm not in it for the money, so this site will remain free. You can sign up to get emails when I post new things. Signing up also means you can make comments, and at some point you'll get members-only updates about work in progress.

There's an RSS feed as well (https://thelarissamuseum.com/rss/), if that's your thing. (It is totally my thing.)