I've been working a lot on the new/old sculpture, and I've noticed that it's making it harder to work on the book. I'm getting calluses on my fingertips, and the iPad is having trouble recognizing when I'm trying to rotate the page or zoom in and out.

I did a quick search, and it turns out this is an actual thing which some people call "zombie finger." It happens a lot with guitarists and carpenters. I'm learning to find my way around the calluses, and to be patient and intentional about the way I touch the screen. It feels like a good problem to have. Another little engineering challenge.

This is how my hands look while I'm working on a sculpture:

Sometimes I wear gloves, but I find that they make me a little clumsy. I like being able to feel the wires, even when it's uncomfortable. Here is how my gloves end up:

zombie fingers