the hunter

2012 - steel wire, found objects

I didn't just find those boots, though. I took the spirit of the sculpture shopping, and she picked them out herself. She picked the flashlight and the filter too. And the little tin in her chest, and everything in it, and the clouded mirror on its lid.

She was inspired by a power figure/nkisi nkondi that I saw in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, so of course there had to be nails. It was not fun to put them in. Breaking a spell is often painful.

She's the only one with legs. Unlike dance in the body you have, she is screwed to her table and can't go anywhere without it. When I took her to Lynn's studio to be photographed, I almost threw up.

I had to buy a child-size mannequin to make her. It came with a creepy little styrofoam mask to protect its creepy little face: