2020 - steel wire, found objects

Before I moved out of my old studio in the Tip Top, I'd been working on another pregnant figure. Honestly, I can't quite remember what I was on about with her. 2018 was such a disruptive year for me.

And then I spent 2019 building a new studio. I had all kinds of ideas about things that might happen in there. A lot of them involved large gatherings of people. In January of 2020, I moved out of the Tip Top. I thought I would spend a couple of months getting settled, and then I'd have an open studio in the new place. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Even before the pandemic, I had started taking the pregnant sculpture apart:

In lockdown, it made even more sense to keep unraveling the last thing I'd started in the old studio. She became a series of small sculptures, each one simultaneously a lament for a dead dream and an ode to the glee of letting go:

As always, I enjoy looking up at my work from below: